The Janashop Italy currently uses TNT & FedEx as regional / national / international courier for their shipments.
The order processing by our typically takes about three working days (thus excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) counted from the morning after the receipt of the order: once the item ships / parcels, excluding circumstances exceptional (strikes , snow, etc.), the delivery times are estimated at 3-5 working days (thus excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays), four days for the islands and remote areas.

In summary: when you make the order when you receive a pass LEAST 7 working days (8 to islands and remote areas)!

You need and provide a phone number and an address from which there is someone to make the withdrawal. The courier usually not forewarns phone for delivery.

You can also pick up the goods at the headquarters of the express courier nearest to your home, just point me in the order notes by writing "hold for pickup" followed by the location of the seat of the courier.


  It is not the Janashop (directly) that sends the confirmation of orders or despatch, but the automatic system, ie:
- When an order is placed, the system sends an email confirmation of the transaction and the order is passed by the computer as "in process" or "waiting"
- At the time of the withdrawal by the carrier from our office and our operator closes the order status as "shipped" and at that point the electronic system should send the email of shipment, but no tracking, since that the tracking number for the shipment of large volumes is generated by automatic systems. The status of orders is updated every day after 18.00, although the carrier is generally delivered by 16:00.

IMPORTANT: At the time of generation of the tracking number, the computer system of the courier MUST send the email the recipient a tracking code, if someone does not have this information can 'always turn to Janashop (by phone or email by filling out the form in the Contact Us section ) because they receive the code in addition to being your right and 'an additional service that we pay to the carriers to provide a better service.


The cost of shipments by all the carriers is calculated based on weight and, for goods with high volume and low weight, based on the volume.

IMPORTANT: shipping costs are calculated by the courier with a ratio "weight / volume" .This means that some bulky items but modest weight charged as heavier objects, because they take up more space in the truck couriers.
Shipping Rates

All shipping rates regional / national / international, are displayed within the portal when ordering.