Janashop Italia

About Us

Our Company


The Janashop is a Sardinian business enterprise formed by young people involved in the promotion and sale worldwide, wholesale and retail, of high quality and innovative design Sardinian products.

We are also

Our strengths are:

     Very high quality and innovative design Sardinian products
     Excellent service purchases
     Fast and Safe International shipping certified by the Customs Department and the Italian  Chamber
 of Commerce
     Payments in maximum security

Our Team

Our team is constantly working on the search of the best products in Sardinia, always making sure that they reflect exactly our goal, to discover and promote internationally the true quality of Sardinia.

In addition, our graphics and our programmers, are concerned with the design and efficiency of portal, giving our customers the opportunity to make their purchases with ease and in total safety, accompanied by a 'good service on purchases.


The Janashop is among the few companies in Sardinia, certified and approved by them to 'export their products internationally.